Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution TherapyTM (RRT) 

You may feel like you are stuck in a pattern of thinking, or a relational cycle that leaves you feeling hopeless and frustrated. Or you may find that you struggle with ongoing anger and guilt. Rapid Resolution Therapy is a therapeutic technique that addresses the areas in which you may feel stuck. You may have tried numerous ways in the past to change these emotions, thoughts and relationship styles, but feel like you just end up right where you started. The issue is not lack of trying or effort on your part.. Rather, painful or disturbing experiences from our past (some of which we may not even be consciously aware of) can leave an impression on us that affect us, even at deeper levels of awareness, and can continue to impact us in negative ways, affecting our emotions, thinking, and relationships.

RRT allows us to access these blocked experiences and clear them, leading to lasting change. Please follow the link to my brochure for more information regarding this exciting treatment option.

Rates  Rapid Resolution TherapyTM is a brief treatment approach for clearing trauma as well as other issues as noted in the brochure. Sessions typically last from one to three hours to allow for the maximum efficacy. For this reason, the fee schedule differs from traditional therapy sessions and insurance is not accepted. Please click on the Rates and Insurance tab for fee information.

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