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Needless to say, we, as individuals, families, and communities, are currently wandering through some uncharted territory. I've talked to many people in the last few weeks who are struggling feeling increased stress, loneliness and overwhelm in this time of uncertainty. You have only to look at social media or turn on the news to see and hear such terms as "unprecedented times" and "global crisis" that make all of our hearts skip a beat. This is a time when we all need support and guidance as we navigate through our days. For this reason, I am now offering Telehealth services to better assist you during this time.

"Trust the process"

As I work with people, I often use the phrase, "Trust the process." When we are in distress - feeling the intensity of anxiety, depression and/or anger, for example - we tend to get "stuck" in a swirl of thoughts and emotions. As we learn to slow down, to trust the process and to trust ourselves,  we are better able to listen, both to ourselves and to those around us.  Through this, we are better able to find our way, even in times of difficulty and great stress. I would be honored to walk with you on this process, this path, to your healing.

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Meet Karen Bailey

I am relational in my therapeutic approach and use different methods to best meet the needs of each person. I stress the concept of hope and that we can learn new strategies to change and grow, no matter how stuck we may feel. I focus on helping people discover their strengths and find resources to begin changing what isn’t working in order to improve relationships and feel better about life! I specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma and those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, adjustment issues (such as graduation, relational problems, etc.), bipolar disorder and personality disorders.

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